Sm Berra Kids Crops The Success Story With Women’s Power

SM Berra Kids, which stepped into the children’s textile sector in 2017 with its home environment and small sales, adopts health and quality as a priority in its products. With its rich collections, the brand combines different types of fabrics with original designs.

SM Berra Kids, which started its journey in the sector by focusing on customer satisfaction, stands out in the sector with its reliability. We talked with Sebahat Şimşek and Murat Şimşek, the founders of the company, about the steps they have taken towards rapid growth…


How did SM Berra Kids start their adventure? How do you assess your current position today?

SM Berra Kids stepped into the sector on October 5, 2017 by producing a small quantity with a single product range. First, we were doing retail sales at home over the internet. Then we continued our sales in a small warehouse. Now we have our factory in Sultangazi, and we have stores in Gungoren and Zeytinburnu. We started this way by doing research and developing something.

We were not foreign to the market because one of us had experience in production and the other had experience in sales. As a result, the SM Berra Kids adventure began quickly.

What are the product groups you offer?

Our products are for boys and girls aged 1-12 years. We started pajama group production and continue to produce custom-designed dresses that children can easily wear at weddings, proms and shows. There are many products that mothers can easily find what they are looking for.

What inspires you in the design process?

While manufacturing, we pay great attention to the quality of the fabric and the fabricators we purchase. For us, quality is always at the forefront. We never acted with the idea of ​​making it cheap. First of all, we prefer special fabrics and dyes that will not compromise the health of children. First, we look at what we should produce. We take into consideration the needs and demands of the people and realize the design and make our production. After completing the products with different accessories we offer our customers.

Can you give us information about your export activities and goals?

We are currently exporting to 45 countries. Apart from these countries, we aim to export to different countries in Europe. In line with being a corporate company, we are taking steps towards entering new markets and participating in the next fairs.