Monart Packaging Is Growing In The New Year

Monart Packaging has rapidly expanded its position in the sector and has the distinction of being a company known for its efforts towards the development of this sector. Monart Packaging, which has made a difference in the sector since 2002, is developing its production area and capacity with its 6000 square meter new factory in Tuzla, Istanbul, and continues to offer the products that most sectors need to its customers in the most appropriate way.

What are the product groups in your organization? Can you give information about your production activities?

We offer corrugated cardboard, triplex carton and offset box production solutions to the sector. We are an integrated company with new technology machines in the fields of technological printing, cutting, sewing and bonding. We serve both domestic and foreign markets. Since all of the corrugated cardboards we use in production are 100% recyclable and the dyes used in printing are water based, we use resources efficiently with the use of environmentally friendly products.

What are your goals for 2020?

Our targets for 2020 are huge. First of all, we are making new machinery investments within the technological developments and we aim to increase our turnover within the framework of these investments.

For example, we have ordered a specially designed machine that can produce quality products according to the demands. While we can print three colors on our existing machines, we will be able to print four colors with this machine. As a result, our production capacity will increase, our customer range will expand and we will start to produce for many sectors that we cannot serve.

Quality, economic and mass production is our basic principles. I believe that we will always do better in this line. With the move to a new and larger production area in 2019, it became an establishment for us. We’re coming full of new years. 2020 will be our year.