Funny Baby Raises Brand Value with the Principle of  Non-Compromising Quality

Hamleteks Tekstil started to produce baby shoes with the brand ‘Funny Baby’ in 1996. Then, with a special production for the major brands of Turkey and the world since its inception it has become one of the leading manufacturers in the industry today.

Hamleteks Tekstil creates innovations in its sector and continuously improves its product range and diversity. Working with the common goal of producing with the highest quality standards, innovative, products that are responsive to special requests, the company is to open new horizons in the world and Turkey.

The company has adopted the Quality Management System in order to ensure customer satisfaction at the highest level in sales and after sales services. For this purpose, the company attachs necessary importance on human resources, efficient and conscious use of resources, education as well as technology, and so on.

Hamleteks Tekstil always gives priority to honesty in its relations with business partners, customers and employees. Believing that corporate social responsibility principles are among the sine qua non of sustainable development, the company considers providing value to the society in which it lives as one of its main areas of responsibility and conducts all of its commercial relations within the framework of social compliance principles.

Aiming to grow by 30% by the end of 2019, the company exports to many countries such as Italy, Greece, Netherlands, France, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, Iran, Morocco, Dubai, Oman, Libya, Algeria and Russia. Northern Europe and Turkic Republics are also mentioned as target markets.

Hamleteks Tekstil plans to attend Istanbul Kids Fashion Fair in July and Kind und Jugend Fair in Cologne, Germany in September.

The company underlines that it will continue its activities with its professional and modern management in order to be rising value with its superior service concept, high production capacity, wide product range, model, variety and quality without compromising principle.