Brix Is Ready For New Year With Its Original And Quality Collection

Üçdal Tekstil, established in 1971 and has been popular with the quality of its products for half a century, adds meaning to the new year with its wide range of products with its Brix brand.

Brix has been increasing its success since the year it was founded and continues its way by expanding the export volume in the sector and not compromising on quality in its production. Mustafa Arslan, Owner, Brix, said that they have digital projects for the future.

Could you tell us about the establishment of your company and the development process to date?

Üçdal Tekstil started its activities in 1971 with the production of underwear. With its Brix brand, it has increased its product group and capacity with each passing day and has reached today. In 1980, we started to produce all the products we made abroad as Brix brand. Later, we directed our production to pajama group. We have been serving children, men and women groups both in Turkey and abroad for half a century.

Do you carry out production in-house?

We carry out our production with a team of 300 people in our facility which is built on 4000m2 closed area where knitting, sewing, ironing-package and quality control departments are located. Our monthly production capacity is 500000. We produce men’s, women’s, children’s underwear, pajamas and nightwear.

What are the factors you pay attention to during the production process?

Our company has Oeko-Tex certificate. We attach great importance to quality in our production. We continue our way without changing our suppliers for many years. We are focused on customer satisfaction in healthy production conditions. We take care not to use any carcinogenic substances in our products that may put health risk. We take into account the wishes and needs of consumers and determine our direction in this direction. We take care not to interrupt the delivery dates we provide to our customers. We deliver on the day without any grievance.

What developments do technology, mechanization and industrial industry contributed to the production speed from past to present? What do you think about this issue?

We are trying to offer the products that we can produce under the best conditions by following this developing technology in both cutting and sewing part. This not only saves us time but also improves our quality. As a company, we are trying to adapt to the developing technology as much as we can.

What drives your designs?

Every country has different fashion and different demands. We closely follow the trends of the season, taking into account the wishes of consumers, we produce according to the needs of each country.

Is the domestic market and the overseas market going parallel now? Which countries does Brix export to?

We are taking strong steps in the overseas market. We export to nearly 25 world countries such as America, Italy, Africa, Russia and Ukraine. In the future, we aim to expand our market with our strong and qualified team in the digital field and digital market by protecting the countries we export to.