Discover The Baby’s Fashion With Freesure Designs

While a study that began Freesure in order to contribute to a mother’s family budget in Turkey today and the need in the world as well as private label manufacturing its own brand of infants as well as the talk of the brand with designs on the health priorities that create awareness that children have a fashion.

What about the product groups within your organization?

We are designing, manufacturing and selling models suitable for baby foot anatomy between 15-18 for babies between 0-12 months.

What inspires you in the design process?

Our inspiration is the babies who are the most innocent creatures and precious people in the world. Firstly, we focus on designs that focus on their foot health and comfort. After the selection of materials that will not harm the delicate skin of our models, we are trying to complete their top clothes with the awareness that they have a fashion in their babies. Therefore, we are interested in the designs of current baby clothing companies.


What about your export activities and goals?

We are aware of the importance of exports for our country. We are talking about our brand abroad with our growing share of export. We maintain our presence in European, Middle Eastern, African and Russian markets.

How was the year 2019 for your company? What are your goals and projects for 2020?

Throughout the world, and especially after the difficult attempt to put our economy in particular Turkey, as a country of unity and togetherness in the production priority in our belief that we will reach the level of success that we deserve our abilities are fully met. Although 2019 may seem a difficult year, more production and more exports for 2020 is our main goal.