Baby Mio Upgrades Export Graphics By Combining Experience In The Tricket Market With World Trends

Founded in 1978 with the aim of producing knitwear and wholesale, the company succeeded to bring its successful vision of the knitwear and textile sector up to daylight through its experience. Showing its success in adapting to the changing sector and market conditions by protecting its corporate identity, the company renewed itself in many ways and continuously improved its standards.

Combining the trend of the market with the deep experience in the knitwear market, Danışan Tekstil managed to be one of leading companies in the market. Providing high added value to the economy of our country, the company continues to work with many companies by getting their corporate identity popular all over the world by working successfully in production-marketing. It continues to contribute to the country and sector by producing indirectly with many corporate companies in the market.

Producing weaving and knitting groups with the products with care, Danışan Tekstil is also very ambitious in timely delivery. In order to achieve customer satisfaction at the highest point by combining the best quality production with the best cost and price experience, in addition to making the collections with the international registered trademark Baby Mio, Danışan Tekstil offers for  domestic market and export. The company will integrate its deep experience with today‘s evolving technologies and will continue with its valuable customers in the sector and grow even bigger.

Operating to continue its services with the mission of believing that everyone has the right to wear quality and healthy knitwear, Danışan Tekstil family continues to rise in the sector with the vision of becoming the leader and economic knitwear manufacturer in the region with its innovative, rational, principled and responsible approach in the future.