Nk Tekstil Offers More Than 1 Million Products Per Year For Different Countries Of The World

NK Tekstil, which has a large collection in the 0-14 age group for boys and girls, takes into account the expectations of each country in which it sends products in design and production stages.

How did the NK Kids brand start its adventure? How do you assess your current position today?

About twenty years ago we entered the children’s clothing sector with a small retail store. Within a few years, we opened our wholesale store in Merter, which is still our headquarters, next to the retail stores. Wholesale and retail sales at the same time changed our perspective on the sector. We could not provide both the needs of our own stores and the needs of our wholesale customers with the products we received from outside. This process has made us a brand that produces their own designs. This process, which we have progressed step by step, turned into a structure capable of transporting more than 1 million products to different parts of the world with nearly 60 colleagues today.

What about your export activities and goals? Which countries do you ship to?

Today we export approximately 60% of our products to nearly 50 countries. Of course, the percentage of nearby markets is huge. We have customers from almost every country in the Arab and Russian regions.

Our target is now distant markets. We want to sell our products to countries like America, Canada, Brazil. In this respect, we have reserved our place in the US fairs next year. We believe we will make a good start with the Children’s Club show in New York in February. I hope we will announce our name with the regions starting next year.