FIMI Summer 2024: Global Kids’ Fashion

FIMI Summer 2024 Managed to Be a Global Showcase of Children’s Fashion

The 97th edition of FIMI Spring-Summer was held last week, from 27th to 28th June. This edition, focused on the international buyer, allowed Spanish and other international companies to exhibit their products and contact customers from all over the world, thus helping to grow their market and sales potential. The support of IVACE+i with the collaboration of the Valencia Chamber of Commerce and the joint work of ASEPRI and Feria Valencia made it easier to attract numerous international buyers, who came from all over the world. With dozens of exhibiting brands, both Spanish and international, FIMI continued to consolidate itself as one of the most important events in the international children’s fashion and footwear sector.


In addition, with the support of ICEX, 16 international companies were invited to the Showroom organised by ASEPRI, which was held within the framework of FIMI Spring-Summer. Due to this great support, the event was visited by professional clients from all over the world, coming from areas such as Latin America (Puerto Rico, Panama, El Salvador, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Uruguay), Asia (Singapore), Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Israel) and Africa (Kenya). The ASEPRI Showroom was a great success, allowing Spanish brands and the VIP buyers invited to close deals and establish new relationships, which led to a very high level of satisfaction among both the guests and the brands.


FIMI Kids Fashion Week presented the new trends in children’s fashion and once again established itself as one of the most important catwalks in the international children’s sector. As part of FIMI Kids Fashion Week, attendees were able to witness the Children’s Fashion from Spain catwalk, held thanks to the support of ICEX, which hosted 6 Spanish brands: Abel&Lula, Beatriz Montero, Javilar Kids, Martín Aranda, Mayoral, and Newness. In addition, FIMI Kids Fashion Week featured, on the international side, brands such as the German Blue Seven and the Hungarian D.D. STEP.

A Powerful International Edition

FIMI summer STARTED OFF POWERFULLY with its most international edition. FIMI was back with its summer edition, which took place on Thursday, 27th, and Friday, 28th June at Feria Valencia. The fair presented a renewed format where the focus was highlighted on international buyers. ASEPRI brought to FIMI a total of 36 of its associated brands offering a huge selection of high-quality and design children’s products. The participating brands offered fashion, footwear, and accessories.

Diverse participating brands

  • Brands specialising in children’s fashion and accessories: Juliana, Canada House, Fina Ejerique, Agatha Ruiz De La Prada Baby, Babidu, Babybol, Babydif, Beatriz Montero, Boboli, Calamaro, Foque, Javilar Kids, Mac Ilusión, Martín Aranda, Mayoral, Newness Kids, PAZ Rodríguez, PAZ Rodríguez Revolution, Rapife, Tartaleta, Tutto Piccolo, Yatsi, Tobogan, Minibol, Tuc Tuc, Nath, Siena Complementos.
    • Brands specialising in children’s footwear: Caminito Shoes, Pisamonas, Gioseppo Kids, Ria Menorca, Big Toes.
    • Brands specialising in layette, childcare, and beach items: Saro, Suavinex, Beaba, Bimbidreams.

FIMI was the only professional and international trade fair in Spain. In its 96th edition, it had consolidated its position as the meeting point par excellence for the main manufacturers, designers, and distributors from all over the world.

International Collaboration and Buyer Focus

The foreign buyer, a priority target. Undoubtedly, the presence of foreign buyers contributed to the internationalisation, promotion, and development of the brands that participated in FIMI. In this sense, FIMI worked in collaboration with ASEPRI and together with IVACE, the Valencia Chamber of Commerce, ICEX, and the Generalitat Valenciana on a campaign to invite international buyers.

FIMI Kid Fashion Week

The international catwalk of FIMI summer was introduced with the slogan CHILDREN’S FASHION FROM SPAIN and the theme “The Sea” with brands such as MAYORAL, ABEL&LULA, MARTIN ARANDA, NEWNESS, JAVILAR, BEATRIZ MONTERO, BLUE SEVEN, DBD IDEAS. The fashion show shaped up to be the main meeting point for designers, brands, buyers, and media from all over the world. FKFW was the only collective catwalk that took place in the circuit of international fairs specialising in children’s and youth fashion, being an event that supported the participating brands in their creativity and staging to present the trends that would mark the season and promote business contacts of great value for the companies participating in the schedule of parades.

Global Outreach and International Visitors

The fashion show, which took place on Thursday, 27th June at 5pm, and which was supported by ICEX, included a digital campaign from July to September 2024 in MEXICO – CHILE – CARIBBEAN – USA, with images and videos of the participating brands that were carried out by a digital marketing agency. International clients visited FIMI Summer and the Showroom Baby & Kids products from Spain. In addition to the Showroom Baby & Kids products from Spain organised by ASEPRI, buyers from around 25 countries had already confirmed their visit to FIMI. From Latin America, buyers from Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Ecuador, Uruguay, Colombia, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Peru, Guatemala, and Panama stood out. As for Europe: Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Ireland, Bulgaria, and Croatia were the most prominent countries as natural markets. In Asia, Japan and Singapore stood out, and finally, the Middle East had already confirmed buyers from the United Arab Emirates and Oman.

Exploring new markets

In this edition, there was a strong Latin American presence with new clients such as Almacenes Travesura and Pepe Ganga from Colombia, which together had 55 points of sale throughout the country, Kids Collection 7 shops in Bolivia, the department store par excellence in Panama Felix Maduro, Bambi from Puerto Rico, Almacenes de Prati, from Ecuador. Moreover, the participating brands had the opportunity to explore the African market with customers from Kenya, such as Peekaboo, with 3 shops and the Middle East with Weemimi from Oman and Mostafawi from the United Arab Emirates. Thanks to the support of ICEX, Generalitat Valenciana, IVACE, and the Chamber of Commerce, more than 100 international VIP buyers were present, thus contributing to the internationalisation of the brands.