72 Million Pairs Of Socks From Bross Socks To The World

Bross Socks manufactures the product groups for children, men and women socks and clothes. It provides all the products that consumers can request about socks by differentiating them in its own production capacity. Bross manufactures and sells many products such as moccasin (leather sock), Slipper, ABS Anti-Slide socks, digital printed socks, accessory socks, baby gloves in pantyhose range, combed underwear, boxer, athlete, slip, underwear, undershirts and bodysuits in dress range. We interviewed Yavuz Yavuzarslan, General Manager of Bross Socks, to listen the factors behind their success.

Can you brief us the preparation process of your collections? What inspires you in the design process?

As Bross, we have a total of 3 collections per year and we sell these collections within 4 periods. Our collections are designed as summer, winter and all seasons by combining and utilizing the knowledge and values acquired from digital platforms through seminars, consultations, and the follow-up of trends and fashion as a result of the meetings of the models and designs by the sales and marketing unit of our R & D and design department. The most important point of inspiration in the preparation of the collection through the innovative and imaginative solutions which are the vision of the company. To this end, our team spends a lot of time working to produce the firsts and completes the collection by utilizing the finished products with Bross’s own line.

What criteria do you pay attention to during production?

Production standards and procedures of Bross Socks are audited and certified by international organizations such as ISO9001, SEDEX. We are progressing our processes towards our own values ​​in production stages.

Quality: In response to a very sensitive quality policy and applicability of our company, we actively use systems aiming at 0 errors with proactive measures and actions with Industry 4.0 systems.

Efficiency: In return for the investments made for Industry 4.0, we ensure our sustainability through projects and actions that will increase productivity every day as a result of the work of our engineering department.

Technology: Automation systems used in our company are completely designed special for Bross and are not available from any other manufacturer, we provide systems for the production of socks with zero-touch. By adding value to our production with our advanced ERP system, it enables us to respond to the demands of the final consumer in the fastest and most accurate way.

Sustainability: The activities of our company are increasing day by day. Our investments and projects related to the use of renewable energy sources, products made from recycled materials, efforts to reduce water consumption, and to increase energy efficiency are ongoing. As the reason consumers choose our products, we know that our sustainability will have a major impact in the medium and long term. We respect the environment, nature and people who work in our ethical genes, and as a company, we care more and more and reflect this on our products and services.

What about the machines you use in production?

With the latest technological nasal closure knitting machines, we are able to meet all of our customers’ expectations regarding socks with real mesh, real 3D socks, heavy gauge number 3 and 6, double cylinder machines. We have fully automated unmanned 35% of our total production with our automation machines used in post-knitting processes. This ratio is around 5% throughout the sector. With these special tailor-made machines, we increase our productivity and make great efforts to convey products to our customers in a shorter time, with higher quality and added value. We provide continuous development and improvement with our domestic and international consultancy in automation and machinery.

Which countries do you export to? Are there any new markets you intend to enter?

We export to 56 countries. We ship our products to China, India and Korea countries. As a target market, we continue to work on the African region in the long term. In the medium term, we aim to continue to develop and grow in the Middle East market.

What are your goals and projects related to export growth?

Our goal is to grow 120% by the end of 2022 in export with our own brand. Our department continues its activities in European, American and Middle East markets. We aim to reach consumers abroad with our value-added products we produce. In addition, we will have initiatives about the online overseas franchising system in 2020 and we aim to make sales with our partners online abroad.

What about your R & D studies?

R & D is an indispensable part of Bross. Our vision and mission to realize our value-added work together with we aim “to do first whatever is not done before”. In this context, the new machine investment suggestions are offered by conducting consumer analysis of R & D, the study of needed products by researching all over the world in terms of materials, exploring different production techniques. Our R & D consultancy service adds strength to the strength of our team and provides support in the production of innovative solutions and products. At the same time, our R & D department creates collections of recycled materials as a result of sustainability efforts and presents them to customers’ appreciation.

Today, e-commerce is a tremendous medium. At which stage are your brand’s e-commerce activities? How do you think online sales affect the stores?

Our e-commerce investment and work started 2 years ago and today we are progressing with an average annual growth of 100%. We reach more consumers with our private and limited collections and products for our infrastructure works and online. In the medium term, we believe that most of the sales will be made through online sales channels and for this we have established an online sales and marketing unit in our company. Another target of our year 2020 will be to increase brand value and awareness by selling online abroad.

Also, in 2020 will have the opportunity to personalize products to our consumers in our online sales and we will take it with that we will be achieving the firsts both in Turkey and world.

What developments have contributed to the production speed of technology, mechanization and industrial industry from past to present? What do you think about this issue?

Since the day we were established, we have continued to work with innovative solutions and act with the vision of providing sustainable services to our customers, so technology and innovation are the most important issues for us. The contribution of technology to us is to use production techniques that produce our products more efficiently, respond more quickly to the demands of the consumer, and establish an emotional connection with our brand. We started to integrate Industry 4.0 into the infrastructure of our company about 2 years ago, increasing our efficiency and continuously increasing our quality bar. By using industrial robots in production, we accelerated our production value flow and managed to reduce our production costs to lower levels. Most of the technologies used are used in the car manufacturing industry today, but not seen in the textile industry. Industry 4.0 process is still continuing in our company. In addition, our IT team is working on developing and implementing artificial intelligence in our ERP system. By the end of 2020, we will increase our production added value by using artificial intelligence algorithms and coding in our production.