Toddlers Take Their First Steps With Papulin

Offering its exclusive products for toddlers living in many parts of the world from North Africa, the Arab countries and Turkey, and being proud of it, Papulin continues at a rapid pace on the road.

We talked to İsmail Kalacoş, Officer Papulin about how they differ from other companies and how they act more sensitive. Kalacoş explained that everything is progressing in a systematic way by production and he said, ‘The most sensitive point is that the products are suitable for health, especially because the products we address are baby products. The raw materials and accessories are used to comply with all health norms and no chemicals are used in the products. Addressing babies in the 0-1 age range requires more attention to all health aspects.’

Another important element for the brand is trust. İsmail Kalacoş says that they always approach the situation with a solution-oriented approach to stock update and after-sales support due to trust. With its extraordinary design and quality, the company sets a target abroad and moves forward successfully in this direction, approaching the international leg of the business strategically, aims to grow by establishing a dealership in every country.