Zeyland Underlines Sensitivity To The Environment And Human With A Sustainable Production Target

By 2020, Zeyland aims to crown its success in the sector with social awareness studies and is preparing to make its name known through sustainable works that are sensitive to environment and human activities.

What are the product groups you offer?

We have a printing and dyeing facility in Çorlu, and since it is a high capacity facility, we do fabric, printing and dyeing of many exporting companies in the market.

In Güneşli, we produce knitted and woven baby and children clothing for 0-12 years.

What about your export activities and goals? Which countries do you ship to?

As we are an old and experienced exporter, we have good cooperation and we aim to increase our export share in our targets and export to wider countries. The Middle East, Russia region, England and Europe are the main export countries.

Where do you see yourself in the sector? What are your strengths in the sector and what makes you stand out from the competition?

We have a solid structure with a different and 50 years of experience in the sector since we do in our own facilities from the fabric to the product conversion stage. In doing so, we attach great importance to sustainability and environmental and human health criteria. In our printing factory we have close to 8000 pattern archives, we have the luxury of using the desired pattern. This makes us stronger than other companies.