Defne Baby Produces With International Standards Along Wıth Superior Quality Understanding

Gulecyuz Socks crowning its 30-year history with Defne Baby brand.

Gulecyuz Socks and Textile is experiencing the excitement of sharing the knowledge and experience it has learned during the production and export of more than 15 years with its customers. The company, which has been producing socks since the day it was founded, has 100% natural fibers production in 2200 m2 factory located in Bayrampaşa, Istanbul. pattern, weaving, quality control and ironing package operations are done.


Founded in 2016, Gulecyuz Socks and Textile produces short socks, booties, pantyhose and underwear and provide wholesale with its Defne Baby brand.

The products within the brand are produced from first class raw materials considering the health of babies and do not contain harmful chemicals in any way. The brand, which has international production techniques and safety standards with azo-free paint and nickel-free accessories, has registered high quality standards with Oeko-Tex certificate.

Gulecyuz Socks, which continues this road that they started 24 years ago by providing employment to many people in their factories in Bayrampaşa and even receiving outsourced production support, says that their goal is not to work hard but to be in the sector with the right moves at the right time. While continuing to invest in Defne Baby, the company also manufactures well-known brands such as Mothercare, Zara, JohnLewis, Mango.

Children in Germany are wearing Defne Baby

Defne Baby exports mainly to Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Iraq, Jordan. Mustafa Gulecyuz said that they believe that they will present for all points they want over time.

Mustafa Gulecyuz said, “With Defne Baby brand we aim to reach all sales points in Turkey and we will be able to take place as soon as we have reached a good sales graph. Our team continues to work on this subject in a controlled and systematic manner. In addition, Defne Baby started to make its name in the overseas market. In this direction, we export to countries such as Germany and Serbia and we plan the necessary studies to increase the number of regions and countries we have reached. In addition, with our exporting company DevTeks, we deliver all our products that are produced from our factory to every part of Europe.’’

Socks is a starter for us

Defne Baby comes to mind when we talk about the first socks, the brand in a short time also added children’s underwear. Mustafa Güleçyüz, said they aim to offer all the products needed by the baby under the umbrella of Defne Baby over time.

Investment for some, waiting for others

Gulecyuz stated that 2019 was a year in which the crisis turned into an opportunity and said, “I don’t think you will have a problem if you step the ground firmly. We decided to expand our market network to take the opportunity. We will ensure that this will be continued through advertising and promotional activities.”