Kozabiat Targets To The Center Of World Fashion With Its Special Product Designs

Kozabiat, one of the leading companies in meeting domestic demands, plans to add color to the 2020 fairs and is preparing to conquer the heart of France with its four brands.

In 1996, we listened to the firm’s success story filled with determination from Hilmi Ekmekçioğlu, General Manager of Kozabiat

How did the foundation adventure of Kozabiat started? How do you assess your current position today?

As Kozabiat brand, we announced our name for the first time in 1996. We started our journey in the sector as a company with three partners. We are continuing our journey as a family company.

What are your brands and product groups?

The first of these brands is Dominant, which we produce on women’s underwear. We are working on our Deep Sleep brand in our men’s, women’s and children’s pajamas section. We are moving on our Rock Hard brand in our boys and kids boxer section. In our girl and boy collections, we stand out with our Domi Kids brand.

What about the emergence of the Domi Kids brand?

For Domi Kids, we can say that we are in our tenth year. We had different brands before. Of course, since we appeal to certain regions of the world, we offered different product ranges and brands in each region. We have decided at Domi Kids for the last 10 years and we continue to work on this brand.

Within the Domi Kids brand, there are all products that come to mind in the underwear category on girls and boys, from the age of 0-2 to the age group 15-16.


What inspires you in the design process?

We have our own design team, photography studio and graphic department. In this sense, we can solve almost everything within ourselves. My wife Nigar is a design teacher and we receive a great deal of support from her. Of course, we have support in terms of traveling around the world. When we look at the world as of this year, we take the color designs, model designs and lines of 2020-2021 and share them with our team members here. Then we create our own unique design products.

What criteria do you pay attention to during production? What percentage of your products are produced in Turkey?

We have an 8,000 square meter factory in Çekmeköy, Istanbul. In addition, we have a production area of ​​10,000 square meters in Niğde. In these two factories, we are going the same way with about 500 friends.

We also have sales outlets. One is in İstanbul Yeşildirek and the other is in Zeytinburnu, İstanbul. We address a wide range of products both in the domestic market and abroad. Abroad, we have a dealership in the Balkans. What I call the Balkans; This is a dealership that we have worked for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and similar countries for 20 years. We have a dealership in Macedonia. We have a business collaborator in Poland, and in Russia in the same way. In addition, we trade with Arabia, Macedonia, Iraq, Iran, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Israel, Jordan, France, Italy, Azerbaijan and many other countries. Turkey also has franchises in certain areas of our colleagues we work style.