Larice Kids Happens Children With Colorful Designs

Since its inception, Larice Kids, who thrives in the hearts of mothers and enriches the children’s imagination with its unique designs and colorful collections, is marked with its success in the sector.

We had a pleasant inyerview with the founder of the industry’s strongest brand, Larice Kids, Yasemin Findikci, who is known for its reliability, honesty and robustness.

As the Larice family, how would you describe the point you have reached since your establishment? What are your strengths in the sector and what makes you stand out from the competition?

The history is based on a long history of 32 years of Tulay Textile. As Tulay Textile, we started to produce adult home wear with Devino Club brand. We started children’s home wear with Larice Kids brand about 5 years ago. When we look at today, we are among the indispensable brands of Middle East and many countries. Even though Larice Kids stamped products are included in the home wear group, they have designs that children can use during their pleasant time in parks and gardens.

As Larice Kids, we are a company that does not compromise on quality and any criteria that make up the quality from the point of departure to the place we reach. Since the first day, we have always maintained what we have with our current quality, and we have always added innovations to the present day by day. Because one of our biggest values, as an innovative company to adapt to the innovations of the age and our customers always new, appreciated, wanted to offer.

At all stages of the emergence of a product, we work with great care and aim to demonstrate our quality as I have always emphasized. In our collection preparation processes, at every stage of our production, we act on the idea of ​​how we can best make this product. Because we are aware that these stages distinguish between quality and quality. In fact, today’s industry and conditions do not show this distinction very clearly. Nevertheless, we do not approach the situation with price index and still maintain our line with precision.

To mention our brand identity, I can say that our most distinctive, solid and prominent feature is our brand reliability. As Larice Kids, we have never sacrificed our relations with customers, suppliers and our solidity, reliability, honesty and care that we have shown to ethical rules. I can easily express this because we have seen and experienced this understanding in line with the feedback from our stakeholders.

What are the product groups you offer?

We offer pajamas and home wear products for children and teenage age groups. You can find daily and comfortable products under the roof of Larice Kids. Our products can actually be described as wild products. Because these products, color, fabric, texture with every detail, such as spending time at home, whether playing on the street, or sleeping can be used in a very wide area that can be used in a variety of features.

What inspires you in the design process?

While preparing our collections, we always follow the trends, colors and all the details of the season we prepare. Of course, we are inspired by world trends, but we have often and still do observe that we have inspired other brands with Larice Kids’ pajamas and home wear products. We also see that the groups, pajamas we produce are put into a usable form especially after us.

What criteria do you pay attention to during production? What percentage of your products are produced in Turkey? Can you give us information about your export activities and goals? Which countries do you ship to?

In fact, we have many different criteria in this field. But the most important of these criteria is to produce healthy products. One of the important factors here is the quality of the fabric. Use will be made of organic cotton and fabric to be in Turkey. We produce hygienic products by working with healthy, organic dyes.

Baby & kid textile sector in Turkey has evolved day by day. How do you evaluate the point of this sector? What changes / developments do you think will happen in the sector in the coming period? What do you plan to do to contribute to the development of the sector?

There are so many by-products in baby and children textile sector such as accessories and furniture. In this sense, I would say that it is indeed an explosion in Turkey.

Maybe it will be dealing with a bit of the state strategy, but if Turkey make enough invest in the textile industry, if it aims to contribute to the development the brand value in the sector, then we can really make serious progress and development as a sector. However, ‘We disregarded textiles’, and such an explanation was made; unfortunately at this point, the front of the branding is a bit closed. Although we have quality works, we are facing great difficulties in becoming a world brand.

We will continue our way without sacrificing our quality and line and we will do our best to provide worldwide contributions to our sector according to the requirements of the day.