H’a Kids Club Sets New Fashıon Trends In New Year

H’A Kids Club presents all kinds of clothes for the 0-16 age group with new collections. The brand, which is very ambitious especially in the special group collections called daily evening dresses, diversifies its product range with its bags and hats.

As H’A Kids Club family, how do you describe the point you have come since its foundation? What is your company’s potential in the sector and what makes you stand out in the competition?

In 2003, we started first to operate in a showroom with 30 square meters in Merter district of Istanbul. Then we again opened our second store in 2016 in 400 square meters in Merter too. We continue to serve our esteemed customers with our third showroom we opened in May, 2019 in Lalebahce.

We produce high quality of my products, carefully avoid any content that will harm our children’s health and carefully select all our fabrics and utilize them on our machine.

Our company manages to collect on the original model and inspire confidence in our customers’ interest and attention to posture. Our customers are in any situation, any time know that we are behind our product. I think that this sense of trust makes us more connected to us.

Which cities H’A Kids Club products are offered in Turkey and how many stores you have? Do you have a store abroad?

We offer our products in stores of Turkey’s 81 provinces in the country and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. We have three stores in Merter, Istanbul.

We are exporting to 52 countries with our customer network which we have expanded day by day. If we rate these values, we can say that 70% of our products are offered at home and 30% of our total production is offered abroad.