Boinc Goes To The Target Buyer Mass Through Prestic Fairs

Boinc is one of the most important names in the sector with its dynamic design team and products that can arouse interest all over the world. In 2020, Boinc plans to continue its strategic progress with its quality production approach.

We listened to Yusuf Zeynel Özkan, Sales and Marketing Specialist, Boinc, which will make a name for itself this year with special advertisement works and exhibitions for the countries to which it exports.

What are the product groups you offer?

We have clothes, bodysuit, sweatshirts, skirts, shorts, tracksuits, tights and t-shirts for children aged 1-12.

What sources of inspiration in clothing design for you?

We have a highly dynamic design team that always follows the fashion and trends in the world closely. We process our brand’s style with our experience and knowledge and we regularly present our collections of innovative models that can arouse interest all over the world.

What criteria do you pay attention to during production? What percentage of your products are produced in Turkey?

We realize the complete production of our products in Turkey. The most important subject that we attach importance to production is definitely quality. We pay great attention to the high quality and compatibility of each material we use.

What about your export activities and goals? Which countries do you ship to?

We currently export to Switzerland, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan, Israel, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Algeria, Lebanon, Qatar, Libya, Romania, Serbia and Tunisia. We carry out special advertisement works for these countries and reach our target audience by participating in prestigious fairs.

Which channels do you prefer to reach the consumer?

Since many different countries make up our target audience at the same time, regular internet advertising is very important for us. In addition, by participating in fairs, we have the opportunity to communicate face-to-face with our buyers and promote our products closely.

How was 2019 for your brand? What are your goals and projects for 2020?

As long as the economy of our country develops, we, as the sector, would like to take the wind of this development behind us and make strides. However, when we think about the process we are in, the internal turmoil experienced by the countries and the problems in the customs of the neighboring countries have started to affect us seriously. Therefore, I can say that 2019 was a difficult year when you took the textile sector as a base. Particularly in the second half of the year, there were serious declines.

Our work for the new year is in full swing. Our goal is to maintain our position in a solid way, to move ourselves one step further.