Four Season Comfortable With Elsima

Founded in 1995, Elsima operates in children’s clothing. It prefers healthy, organic dyes and manufactures in accordance with the European Union standards at all stages including prints. By blending the trends of the season with the experiences accumulated in the sector, the brand develops its product range according to consumer demand.

How does your product collections work? What inspires you in the design process?

First of all, the trends of the season are inspired by world-inspired colors, patterns and innovations in materials and accessories, design and long studies carried out by our R & D team. Style guide analysts and fashion shows that guide the fashion world and the children’s clothing sector are the main areas followed in these studies.

What criteria do you pay attention to during production? What percentage of your products are produced in Turkey?

Because we produce children’s products, we are very sensitive to all materials we use. We prefer healthy, organic products and we produce in all stages including paints and prints at European Union standards. Our products are inspected and certified in the laboratory every year. All production and materials are native, except for a portion of the raw material.

What about your export activities and goals? Which countries do you ship to?

We export to more than 50 countries in the world. Our goal is to become the ‘market leader ürün in our product group by increasing our market share in countries where we export and have no economic and geopolitical disadvantages.