Bebe Çeyiz Sarayı Takes Healthy Steps

24 With its 24 years of experience and expert experienced staff, Bebe Çeyiz Sarayı continues to be a pioneer in the sector as the address of trust and quality.

Hızır Albayrak, one of the partners of Bebe Çeyiz Sarayı, said, “Quality comes first for us. We always have to take into account the health of infants and children in our productions. We do not use any carcinogenic substances so that our products can be used in a healthier way and we prepare products that people can safely use. We have made progress on this path a goal with the principle of “Health is the greatest wealth for us”.

First of all, can we get to know you briefly? Can you briefly mention your position in the Bebe Çeyiz Sarayı brand?

I am Hızır Albayrak, one of the company partners. I have been in Sultanhamam since 1988. At that time I was both reading and working.

Pregnant mothers who came to Sultanhamam were buying products such as overalls, body and hospital exit. We were supplying the products in our structure and directing the ones that were not available to the neighboring companies.

Neither in Turkey in 1991 after serving a combination of everything related to the sought-after mother and baby in the world to realize that we have a place. In April 1994, we established the Bebe Çeyiz Sarayı brand, where everyone can easily supply what they want.

Could you give information about your product groups?

There are 295 brands and 85 thousand kinds of products in our structure. In other words, we sell all the products from a mother’s furniture, night and gown needs to a baby’s bottle, pacifier and stroller needs. We have 4 different brands, Sebi, Tıkır, Safe Line and Pocket&Mama. We have 3 textile ateliers and we make products for different places under our own brand name.

What inspires you in the design process of your product collection?

The designers in Bursa or Istanbul show us the products and we choose from them. Since we have started this business from scratch and have mastered every step of the business from the beginning to the end, we can easily identify these deficiencies if there is a deficiency in those products.

We make observations about what the mothers need for both themselves and their babies. We convey these observations to the manufacturers, present them with new ideas and carry out studies on the realization of demand-oriented products. Therefore, I can easily say that the greatest capital of our age is the idea.

What criteria do you pay attention to during production?

The most important criterion for us in production is health. Therefore, the use of carcinogenic dyes, such as the use of substances that endanger children’s health, such as the production of substances that are indispensable rules for us at every stage of production. Our goal is not to grow by selling many products, but to advance by making quality and healthy production…