Winimo With The Success Story From Adana To Bursa, The Heart Of Textile

Winimo, which marked a lot with its quality of Rekor Tekstil with its product range and experienced team, targets new markets in 2020.

How does your product collections work? What inspires you in the design process?

Our product range consists of a team of professional and experienced teamwork. The first stage of production is the product quality of the fabric. Our products are prepared using completely healthy fabrics produced in accordance with standards. The second stage constitutes a model study. Prepared model series went into production in the next stage of our preparation adventure. Finally, our products are carefully ironed and packaged and delivered to our Bursa wholesales branch to be offered for our esteemed customers.

What about your export activities and goals?

With our investments since 2017, our products have reached many countries with Russia-Ukraine-Kyrgyzstan-Azerbaijan-Iraq-Libya. Our search for a new market continues. We have new investment plans for the year 2020 in line with the demands of our new customers.

What are your goals and projects for 2020?

New targets and new investments for the year 2020, we want to meet our customers in Istanbul as well as Bursa. We perform with steady steps with goal of making WINIMO a popular brand for children all over the world.