The smaller the consumer, the bigger the market

The Global Baby Apparel Market size is expected to reach $207.1 billion by 2026. Its growth is attributed to different factors. Rising awareness regarding the safety and comfort of the baby is projected to be a key factor for the market growth in the baby apparel industry. In addition, parents are focusing not only on easy and convenient baby dressing but also on style in accordance with the latest fashion trends. These consumer trends are anticipated to play a key role in expanding the market scope of various baby apparel variants over the next few years.

Since we are running intercontinentally, we are witnessing the latest trends in manufacturing, marketing, promoting, and logistics. This giant industry has been performing very well. As every industry encounters, the baby and kid needs sector in general and the baby fashion business in particular, has been facing qualified personnel shortage and raw material supply problems in addition to high energy costs and transportation bottlenecks. Companies who have built up their brand image can pace with these obstacles better, either in domestic or in international market. Innovative companies perform the best. Firms which tighten belts are the riskiest names for survival in critical times.

As always, we are running around the globe. We cross the Atlantic for New York to attend Playtime and Kids Hub and fly to Australia for Turkaus Textile Expo. With this edition in the same month, we are scheduled to be in Almaty, Kazakhstan for Childhood Kid’s Fashion fair and in Istanbul for Connection Fashion in addition to our presence in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan for Textile Expo fair. As you can see there is no other publication over the earth running these long distances so often. That’s why we always gain the appreciation of our readers and customers.