The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the sound of heels (topuk sesleri) is strong footsteps of women who take their place in business life as well as in social life


When we look at world history, women’s pursuit of rights and freedom in social, cultural, political and economic fields dates back to 1857.

When we look at the struggle to get rid of discrimination and being the other class, to achieve equal conditions and to take a competent role in life, we witness that ‘woman’ never gives up on her attempt to exist.

Undoubtedly, she gained many gains as a result of her struggles to have equal rights.

The main aim is to reach a society structure that values ​​people, where no one is disadvantaged and where everyone is equal, in the prevention of gender inequality all over the world.

In this context, International Women’s Day (March 8), which entered our lives, is a torch of the success of working women. It is reserved for the development of political and social awareness of women all over the world on the basis of human rights, and the celebration of their economic, political and social achievements.

As in the rest of the world, the rate of female labor force participation in our society is increasing day by day. In this respect, we will make the voices of our valuable business women heard and get to know them better with the ‘Heel Voices of the Industry’ (Sektörün Topuk Sesleri) platform, where our working business women who work for our sector come together.

Our wish is that all of our women, who develop and change the working life with their assets and contributions, benefit from all rights and freedoms with equal opportunity and reach an environment where they can live in health and peace without being exposed to violence. Thanks to the network we created on the ‘Heel Voices of the Industry’ platform of the sector, we hope to conduce to good sharing and work together…

Happy March 8 International Women’s Day.