Kids’ Time Poland is a must-see and must-attend event to make your business thrive

One of the most critical expos for manufacturers of toys, prams and clothes for children, Kids’ Time 2023 to be held 22-24 February 2023 at Targi Kielce

 KIDS’ TIME 2023 – the latest trends in the child products and services business sector are showcased at one of the most critical expos for manufacturers of toys, prams and clothes for children!

KIDS’ TIME expo is the largest event of this type in Central and Eastern Europe. For over a decade, the show has been recognised by manufacturers of toys and articles for children and parents. The three days’ show abounds with product premieres and industry meetings featuring top experts. A plethora of exhibitors, foreign guests and journalists – the trade show is a magnet for Polish and international leading specialists in the children’s products and services sector. The upcoming KIDS’ TIME is held from 22 to 24 February 2023 at Targi Kielce.

One-stop shop for the largest manufacturers of children’s products!

KIDS’ TIME is a B2B event, the place where exhibitors meet distributors and shop owners. The event is exclusively targeted at business insiders – representatives of the industry. For many years KIDS’ TIME has also aroused great interest among foreign media, including from countries such as Turkey, the USA, England, Germany and Sweden. The previous expo editions hosted many Polish and global companies – representatives of the toy industry and children’s goods. The exhibitors presented compelling offers – new products and well-known commodities in recent versions. A visit to Targi Kielce allows you to see the offer of the largest Polish and global companies in the children’s sector without the need to travel to other distant countries and continents. Everything you are looking for can be found at KIDS’ TIME at Targi Kielce. More info can be found at

“It is the largest event for the children’s goods industry. Hardly can we imagine the beginning of the year without our participation in the Kids’ Time Expo,” – said Piotr Kijas from EURO-CART, one of the exhibitors.

The latest developments and children’s industry’s premieres

Each International Fair of Toys and Products for Mother and Child KIDS’ TIME comes as a surprise with novelties galore;  next year’s edition follows this tradition. Visitors will witness a lot of exciting products premieres. Each year Targi Kielce’s exhibition expo halls are filled with a wide range of products; distribution companies and shops for children and their parents are the main target audience. In 2020, above 530 exhibitors were a part of the show. Each year exhibitors prepare a special offer – new products from the most prominent Polish and foreign brands, the latest developments for the upcoming season, as the KIDS’ TIME is the top presentation place. Two years ago, there were over a thousand featured products. Thus KIDS’ TIME has been a must-see and must-attend event in the business calendars of the leading of children’s industry companies and representatives. Manufacturers and distributors of the most significant international brands, prams, car seats, toys, clothing, furniture, textiles and accessories for mothers and children – this is just a sneak preview of what the expo offers. The list of attractions is much more extensive. Meetings with Polish and foreign specialists are part of the expo agenda. The child products and services business sector specialists’ lectures and presentations are the KIDS’ TIME many-year tradition which continues at the upcoming expo.


The Kielce children’s expo has had a long-standing tradition the KIDS ‘TIME STAR competition. The next edition will certainly feature interesting products aspiring to win this prestigious award. KIDS’ TIME STAR is a prestigious distinction for the most innovative and cutting-edge products put on show at the expo. The award winners and industry experts are unanimous in their opinions. The KIDS TIME STAR is a valuable marketing tool which enhances product recognition and facilitates outreach – various customer groups, customers and opinion formers are well addressed. More info can be found at

KIDS’ TIME EXPO. The best place to make your business thrive!

The Kids’ Time Expo provides an excellent occasion to attract new customers and maintain existing business relations. The previous expo visitors unanimously emphasise that talks with producers make it possible to enhance cooperation and sign contracts. Expo presence results in increased attractiveness of product offer and higher volumes sold The Kielce show is also a great opportunity for a new company or brand to enter the market – there is no better place than the expo, which brings together thousands of business insiders from all corners of the world! Extensive media presence offers a great chance to present première products and give them extra publicity. Make the best of the exhibition, which enjoys a strong position the one-stop-shop for the entire child products and services business sector. You have access to all of them during the three-day whole-business sector’s convention.

For us, the trade fair is primarily an opportunity to meet our regular customers in person. Customers have the opportunity to meet the entire PLAYMOBIL team, which creates a unique cooperation atmosphere.”  – said Katarzyna Cierpia from Playmobil Polska SA, Kids’ Time exhibitor.

Targi Kielce – your business partner with a proven track record!

For years Targi Kielce has been ranked among expo market leaders, one of the top expo centres among all Central and Eastern Europe’s exhibition centres. There are 70 trade fairs in the Kielce expo centre’s calendar. Its Congress Centre is the home to 700 conferences a year. Apart from them, the Kielce exhibition and congress centre host numerous concerts and congresses. Targi Kielce – the ideal place for doing business! The company boasts 30 years of experience in organising B2B meetings. More information is available on Targi Kielce website