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The Giant Race with China in Global Socks Exports


Turkey is the second largest supplier of socks in the world market after China


Turkey, which earns 1 billion dollars a year from the export of 1.5 billion pairs of socks, is the second largest supplier of socks in the world market after China. In the sector that exports 85 percent of its production, the country with the highest exports is England, followed by Germany in the second and France in the third place. European buyers, especially satisfied with the quality of Turkish socks, turned to our country in the nightwear sector. While underwear and nightwear worth $ 39.9 million were exported to Germany, $ 19.2 million was exported to France and $ 19.1 million to the UK. While the export success continues to increase all over the world, our country will be offered the opportunity to open up to foreign markets in the new year, in order to increase the level of exports, with the International Istanbul Mother and Baby Products Fairs.


In the socks and nightwear sector, babies and children are the main target audience. Socks and nightwear models produced by the manufacturers in our country using high quality standards, creative designs and the latest technologies are the world’s children and their parents’ choice. Especially the success achieved in the world socks market continues to be export pride in our country. While one out of every 6 children in the world wears Turkish socks, our country alone carries out approximately 10 percent of the world socks production.


With the export success achieved all over the world, the organizations in the sector continue to make the producers a voice in the world market and make our country a center of attraction against foreign investors.


As the most influential exhibition in the region, the International İstanbul Children Baby Maternity Industry Expo provides unique business opportunities for industry professionals from across the Middle East to Russia-CIS, and from North Africa to Eastern Europe. İstanbul to welcome qualified buyers to do business, discover new brands, and trendy collections at affordable prices. With the orders to be written by 15,000 commercial buyers from the target 110 countries, including Eastern Europe, the Middle East, BTD and North Africa regions, during the fair, it is aimed to offer very important opportunities to manufacturers who want to continue to grow in exports in the baby and child sector.