Bebek ve Çocuk Giyim Sektöründe Rekor Büyüme

Record Growth in the Baby and Kids Clothing Sector


Turkish baby and children’s clothing sector managed a record volume growth in apparel exports


Compared to adult ready-to-wear clothing, the baby and kids wear industry grew more. Turkey tends to be at the upper in the baby and children’s clothing sector, both in terms of export and import share, with a business volume of approximately 600 million dollars. Turkish baby and children’s clothing sector managed a record volume growth in apparel exports which Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) sets target of 52 billion dollars for the year 2023.


Turkish Products, Favorite of European Mothers


Turkey is the top 2 in Europe, top 7 largest clothing supplier in the world. According to recent data the Turkish baby kid clothing sector made the most exports to Spain with 14.4 percent share, to Germany with 11.9 percent share, to Iraq with 11.6 percent, to England with 7.3 percent and to Libya with 4.4 percent. In addition to EU countries such as France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy, countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Israel and Saudi Arabia are the other main markets for export.


Referring to the statistical data published by TURKSTAT for the last ten years, there are businesses that have increased their business volume 20 times in the last 4 years in the baby and children’s clothing industry, which plays an important role in Turkey’s foreign trade and current account balance.



International Organizations Add Dynamism to the Sector


Compared with other sectors, the weakest factor in the baby and children’s clothing sector in Turkey is the practice of marketing. Although companies in the sector have managed to produce, they have difficulty in using marketing resources. For this reason, it is noted that the baby and children clothing sector will continue to develop and grow, with more emphasis on the organization and international fair studies for the sector.

The fairs especially for the export-oriented baby and children products bring a great dynamism to the market, and also serve the sector to grow economically and open up to new markets.


Target ‘New Market’ Areas


As the most influential exhibition in the region, CBME Turkey – The International İstanbul Children Baby Maternity Industry Expo provides unique business opportunities for industry professionals from across the Middle East to Russia-CIS, and from North Africa to Eastern Europe. The 39th edition will be held on its new dates: 8 – 11 December 2021 in İstanbul to welcome qualified buyers to do business, discover new brands, and trendy collections at affordable prices.